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The regular issue has the Japan written from toe to toe the width of the foot and is written in raised letters, not carved in, like the prototypes. The dolls had a pink skin other is tan. Her lips have turned into a buttery color. Her face vinyl has also changed color which is typical of these pink skinned dolls. Rare Mailbox. Taiwan U. Other Pats. Pend Patd. In Growing Up Skipper was released.

She had a new body mold which included small, permanent breasts, and a different head mold that made her look slightly older. Skipper changed again in with the release of Teen Fun Skipper.

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Her new body mold was taller and more graceful. Her waist was more flexible and her breasts were slightly bigger. Her eyes were also enlarged, giving her a cartoon-like look. At this stage she appeared to be somewhere between 13 to 15 years old. Later, Skipper had a new head mold with smaller eyes in a Pizza Party line, but with the same body mold.

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Finally, in , Teen Skipper was introduced. She again had a new body mold and was now almost as tall as her sister Barbie. This was mostly because of her legs, which were now long and lanky.

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She no longer looked like a child, but more like a girl on the brink of becoming a woman, appearing to be about 14 years of age. Skipper and Barbie now are teenagers. Skipper also appeared to have larger breasts which continued the controversy over her sexualization that has dogged Skipper in the past. Found in France. Variation pink dress with lace sleeves. White and pink sport shoes. Rest the same like before. Also available with just two babies. Happy birthday!

Her sleeveless dress features white lace embellishments and blue floral embroidery. New Skippers with new round face with open mouth. Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. Barbie Doll, friends and family history and news. From to the present …. Skip to content. Home Over. First dolls and tan color body and later issue had a pink color body.


Vintage Skipper Fashions

Blonde, Brunette and Red head. Same marks like before doll. Variation box liner — found in UK. Navy blue red and white trim swimsuit. Pend Made in Japan or late Made in Taiwan. Pend Made in Taiwan. Hair color is still either; Golden Blonde or Java brown.

Orange hair bows, white comb and brush, clear X stand, black eyelash brush. Pend Made in Taiwan or Made in Japan. Mattel did a trade-in promotion — for half price plus a prior Skipper doll and they get a new Living Skipper doll. Orange blonde hair tied in two pigtails with hot pink ribbons either; strawberry blonde or the HTF pale blonde, rooted eye lashes.

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Green, blue, pink one piece swimsuit, hot pink neck tie ring, clear X stand. Has a special pink trade-in box. Suntan skin, long straight blonde hair, bangs, twist waist, bend knees, painted eyelashes, two piece orange tricot swimsuit, blue towel and sunglasses and name tag. Made in Japan. Marking: same like before. Same doll like the USA doll. Doll marking: made in Korea.

Made in Korea. New face and hair styl. Included a Swing A Rounder Gym in orange and pink plastic, doll is exclusive to this set, waist, head, elbows and legs are posable, doll has shoulder length pigtails either strawberry or HTF pale blonde, two piece solid blue with blue and white check bib and skirt playsuit. This was a method to move old store stock. Same markings as above doll. Came in a blonde, brown and brunette, has a twist waist, straight non-bending legs, wore a blue with white and pink flowers swimsuit with white attached little pleated skirt.

Doll was only available in the European market and is HTF also there. Made in Taiwan. Doll came out in a few different fashionsets. White box, clear window, similar to Sunset Malibu only with pink skin, heavy eye makeup, long straight pale blonde hair, yellow two piece tricot swimsuit. Doll was only available in the European market. Has a twist waist and bendable legs, wore a two piece tricot navy blue swimsuit. Patented Other Patents Pending.

Chocho was not referred to as a friend of Barbie or Skipper, but does use the Skipper Deluxe Quick Curl body and hair. Came in blonde, brunette or titian pigtails. Wore either a red or hot pink satin dress, orange flat shoes and had cardboard yellow wings that a child could wear in her hair, additional accessories were; pink comb, brush and hair curler, green and yellow hair ribbons and two white barrettes.

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Growing up Skipper doll, was one of the most controversial dolls in , just about every newspaper in the U. Included are a red headband, red body suit, blue collar, blue scarf, red socks, red flat shoes, white platform like wedgie sandals, two red and white plaid skirts; one short skirt and one long. Hong Kong U. White solid box. Malibu Skippers with straight long blonde hair.

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Came in a hot pink box with partial front cello, wore a yellow satin party dress with lace and ribbon trim and white pumps, has a twist waist but her legs do not bend and are of a soft vinyl, came with pale blonde long rooted hair with bangs. Doll was available in the Germany and France market. Salmon satin dress. Doll was only available in the Japan market. Long dark blonde hair with bangs, hot pink bodysuit and matching maxi skirt.

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White sport shoes and flat pink shoes. Beach Fun Skipper Strandspass.


Malibu Skipper Doll. Yellow, blue and orange swimsuit and bag. Made in the Philippines. Malibu Skipper in red knit top and white pleated tennis skirt and white sport shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market and Canada. Malibu Skipper in glittery gold top, white pants with gold belt and white shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Malibu doll with jean, red T Shirt and white sport shoes. Malibu Skipper in white tank top with on it, blue nylon jogging shorts and white sport shoes.