Comprehensive Brachytherapy: Physical and Clinical Aspects (Imaging in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy)

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Phylogenetic Analyses Abstract 6. Chemoinformatics Abstract Acknowledgments 6. Lipidomics in Metabolomics Abstract Acknowledgment 6. Microbeam Radiation Biology Abstract Acknowledgments 7. Molecular Radiation Biology Abstract Acknowledgments 7. Cellular Radiation Biology Abstract 7. Normal Tissue Radiobiology Abstract 7.

Tumor Radiation Biology Abstract 7. Genetic Effects and Risk Estimation Abstract 7. Light Ion Radiation Biology Abstract 7. Radiation Biology of Radiation Protection Abstract 7. Radiation Biology of Tissue Radiosterilization Abstract 7.

Radiation and Environmental Protection Abstract 7. Electron Linear Accelerators Abstract 8. Synchrotron Radiation Abstract Abbreviations 8. Free-Electron Laser Sources Abstract 8. Ion Linac and Synchrotron Abstract Abbreviations 8. FFAG Abstract 8. Cyclotrons Abstract Abbreviations 8. Neutron Sources Abstract 8. Radionuclide Production Abstract 8.

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Scintillator-Based Detectors Abstract Nomenclature 8. CdTe Detectors Abstract 8. Amorphous Silicon Detectors Abstract 8. Selenium Detectors Abstract 8. Silicon Photomultipliers Acknowledgments 8. Silicon Trackers Abstract 8. Biophysical Basis of Ionizing Radiation Abstract 9. Tumor Hypoxia Abstract 9. Patient Dose Computation Abstract 9. Convolutions and Deconvolutions in Radiation Dosimetry Abstract 9. Brachytherapy Physics Abstract Abbreviations 9. Modulated Arc Therapy Planning Abstract 9.

Adaptive Treatment Planning Abstract 9. Stereotactic Radiation Therapy Abstract 9. Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Adaptation Abstract Mechanics of Biofluids in Living Body Abstract Bioelectromagnetism in the Living Body Abstract Water Biology in Human Body Abstract Human Immune System Abstract Nomenclature Hyperthermia Therapy for Cancer Abstract Ultrasound Therapy Abstract Laser Surgery Abstract Abbreviations Acknowledgments Defibrillation Abstract Electroporation Therapy Abstract Nomenclature Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Abstract Biophysical Bases of Acupuncture Abstract Acknowledgment Music Psychophysics and Therapy Abstract Intraoperative radiotherapy IORT is an option for patients with localized breast recurrences after previous external-beam radiotherapy.

High Dose Rate Brachytherapy at Winship

BMC Cancer ; 7 : 1 — 7. Intraoperative radiotherapy in early stage breast cancer: potential indications and evidence to date. Med Phys ; 33 : — Dosimetric evaluation of Gafchromic EBT2 film for breast intraoperative electron radiotherapy verification. Phys Medica ; 31 : 37 — The Salzburg concept of intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer: results and considerations. Int J Cancer ; : — Intraoperative electron beam irradiation: physics and techniques.

Comprehensive Brachytherapy : Jack Venselaar :

New York : Humana Press, Springer , : 51 — Keshtgar , M , Wenz , F. Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy: concept and review of evidence in breast cancer. Berlin : Springer-Verlag , : 1 — 6. A novel approach for superficial intraoperative radiotherapy IORT using a 50 kV X-ray source: a technical and case report.

J Appl Clin Med Phys ; 15 : A novel device for intravaginal electronic brachytherapy.

Intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer. Lancet Oncol ; 5 : — Vaidya , J S. Berlin : Springer-Verlag , : — Radiobiological aspects of intraoperative radiotherapy IORT with isotropic low-energy X rays for early-stage breast cancer. Radiat Res ; : — Cancer Control ; 19 : — Risk-adapted targeted intraoperative radiotherapy versus whole-breast radiotherapy for breast cancer: 5-year results for local control and overall survival from the TARGIT-A randomised trial.


Medical physics

Special brachytherapy modalities. Electronic brachytherapy working group. American society for therapeutic radiology and oncology ASTRO emerging technology committee report on electronic brachytherapy. Accelerated partial breast irradiation for early-stage breast cancer: controversies and current indications for use. Curr Treat Options Oncol ; 14 : 51 — Electronic brachytherapy as adjuvant therapy for early stage breast cancer: a retrospective analysis. Onco Targets Ther ; 4 : 13 — Brachytherapy in accelerated partial breast irradiation APBI — review of treatment methods.

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J Contemp Brachytherapy ; 4 : — Breast brachytherapy devices. Expert Rev Med Devices ; 6 : — Experience with an electronic brachytherapy technique for intracavitary accelerated partial breast irradiation. Am J Clin Oncol ; 33 : — Brachytherapy ; 9 : 81 — Breast ; 12 : — Commissioning of a mobile electron accelerator for intraoperative radiotherapy. J Appl Clin Med Phys ; 2 : — Beddar , A S. Stability of a mobile electron linear accelerator system for intraoperative radiation therapy. Along with exploring new clinical protocols, it discusses major advances in imaging, robotics, dosimetry, Monte Carlo-based dose calculation, and optimization.

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