How to Start a Food Business with Little or No Money Down

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There are many more questions but the above will be critical when it comes to putting together a plan to line up deal structure to create cash and arrange a financing package to buy the business. Putting other due diligence questions aside for now, it is possible for funding to be created for many types of acquisitions, using the assets from the deal itself and by crafting suitable deal structure with the business owner.

Start small

Most small business sellers want cash; but in reality, in order to sell they must be willing to take back financing. Rarely do small businesses sell for all cash There are better uses for their cash. The compelling reason to have the seller have some sort of "skin" remaining in the deal is "what does it tell you about their faith in the business if they won't carry back financing?

So you have to look at the acquisition from all angles to make maximize use of whats there to work with not only with your own resources but what the business can bring to the table itself. That are many ways to create cash to buy a business or stretch any cash you have on hand so that you can buy more of a business. But it starts with finding out what you have to work with and then using it in the right way. You might want to consult a professional with experience to help you with that or do some studying to get more knowledge about how to buy businesses under your belt. Sometimes it is better to pass on a deal if it is the wrong one.

10 Low-Investment Business Ideas (No Inventory Required)

I discuss that in detail in one of my books on buying businesses but simply put: "do not buy a business just because you can" So it is very important to make sure that you have established that price and terms of the deal are fair and that it is the right business for you and that it meets and passes all of your due diligence. I hope the above helps you or gives you some direction. Let me know how things progress; feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to discuss your deal my contact info is in my profile or if you have other specific questions and I'll help you with what feedback I can give you.

Dennis Lowery Adducent, Inc. Asset based and collateralized lending has been around for hundreds and thousands of years. Using the assets and cash flow of a business to help you buy it is something that's commonly accepted in the financial community. There is a whole industry of lenders and investors who focus just on that very thing.

There are literally hundreds and thousands of investors and lenders that put money into businesses based on the assets of the business and its cash flow and ability to pay the money back. All of the above, are the reasons that leveraged transactions have worked in the past, they work today and will work in the future. Deals can be structured to safely, with adequate margin, buy and operate the business.

This methodology and approach does not require you to create or take on a risky situation where you over-pay or over-leverage the business It can be done. It just takes study and application of knowledge specific to accomplishing the objective of buying a good business without using a lot or or any of your own money. Wow, thanks for all the advice and wisdom Dennis.

I know I have a lot to think about. I think the main concern is future profits. The business hasn't been nearly as profitable as it was in the past. I think the problem is the owner, I mean how can you continue to bring in business when you are looking for a new career? Also the company is in the music industry. This industry has endured major changes over the course of the past years. The owner is stuck in the "old school" ways of dealing with the industry.

I think the technological changes that have impacted the business are inspiring him to quit rather than to adjust. I however have been studying this industry day and night for the past 4 years. I truly feel that I know how to shift the business to profit off of the modern music industry. I feel like I have the people and the idea, now I need to figure out the financial details. Again, thank you so much for your time. I am very thankful I found this forum and will continue to bother you and others with questions ;. You're welcome.

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The stability of future revenue and ability to generate acceptable profits is key You don't want to discover after you buy the business that you have to become a "turnaround artist" your first time out as a business owner. Based on what you've said about the situation, by approaching the owner in the right way - you might have some leeway to structure something that would be mututally beneficial. Just be sure to dig deep into whether you can get the business back to stable and growing profits. As a thought, with your perspective and vision on how to move the business forward perhaps he needs someone to "partner" with him to relieve him from that responsibility which could be a relief to him so he can ultimately transtion out of the business.

I have seen this happen before as a form of "mini management buy-out" Food for thought for you anyway. If you have a conversation with the owner about your interests on this and want to bounce it off someone for ideas on how to pursue I have found several businesses that I am interested in, but all are out of reach as far as how much upfront money is needed. I would really like some help on buying a 'web-based' business and some information on who would be interested in financing a purchase like that.

If you were interested personally that would be an ideal situation. This businesses turn profits in the k - 1M range and any money borroed could be paid back within 3 years and the profit to the lender thereafter. Please let me know if you think you can help me with this. I have always wanted to own my own business, but I will never have the cash to and established business.

Types of businesses to start

I am certain that I can run any of the selected businesses effectively and grow them to their highest potential. I am tired of the 9 - 5 drag and I want to work for ME now.


Please contact me directly if you are interested or think that you can help me in any way, it would be appreciated greatly. Hi Jody, I just emailed a reply directly to you. Hi Dennis, I did not get the email.

7 Businesses You Can Start With Almost No Cash

I checked my 'junk mail box' just to make sure but I did not see it. Please contact me again. Lowery, I never did get that email from you. Please contact me at jody. Thank you, Jody G. Hello Adducent, I was reading your posts and was very intrigued with your helpfulness. I am currently seeking funding to purchase one of these businesses and was wondering if you had any information regarding this process.

I would like to move quickly if possible. I appreciate any help or information you have, and thank you for you time. Sincerely, Alan Armstrong my personal e-mail address is firstmil live. What would of taken me weeks or even months to find out about it took me minutes to understand the process. I am a 19 year old who is very driven to succeed and wants to waste no time at all in getting involved in the mix. The only problem is start up capital, and i feel i am a bit closer to the solution with this post. I would love to stay in touch with you for advice on investing opportunities. Hi Marvin, Glad you liked the info. There is more you might find of interest at my website.

Starting a business Food Business Step by Step Tutorial Getting Started

See my profile for my website address. I am looking to get out of my current industry and purchase a bar. Coming up with the money is the hardest part now, many people see bars as one of the most risky businesses. There are several ways to minimize or even eliminate using using your own money to buy a business but each deal has to be evaluated to see what might be applicable to help accomplish that. Theres a lot of questions that would need answers before I could give you an idea if this deal has any possibilities or not.

After you read the above article; post here some more info on the business or feel free to email me directly via my website and I can give you some specific feedback on it. I actually just ran into this topic trolling around the internet and figured I am currently an Executive Vice President at a company that is on the brink of collapse.