Il dovere di un capitano (Italian Edition)

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About this Item: Hyperion, Condition: New. Seller Inventory ZZN. Published by Editura All About this Item: Editura All, Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Seller Inventory GRP Condition: UsedAcceptable. Condition: As New. Book in almost Brand New condition.

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About this Item: Condition: Fair. Unabridged edition.

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Language: English. Brand new. His courage is a model for all Americans. That all changed when armed Somali pirates boarded the ship. The pirates didn't expect the crew to fight back, nor did they expect Captain Phillips to offer himself as a hostage in exchange for the safety of his crew.

Thus began the tense five-day standoff, which ended in a daring high-seas rescue when U. Navy SEALs opened fire and picked off three of the captors.

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And he's right. A story of adventure and courage, A Captain's Duty provides the intimate details of this high-seas hostage-taking-the unbearable heat, the death threats, the mock executions, and the escape attempt. When the pirates boarded his ship, Captain Phillips put his experience into action, doing everything he could to safeguard his crew. And when he was held captive by the pirates, he marshaled all his resources to ensure his own survival, withstanding intense physical hardship and an escalating battle of wills with the pirates.

Rossotti Lithographing Co. Four men are watching from behind a wall almost like an audience at an event.

Proli “Cinciarini nuovo capitano. Gentile si dimostri uomo”

A horse with a pointy hat is behind the old man. The horse is beside him bucking at the viewer. Litho, New York, N. Aiello, Brooklyn, N. Vittorio Emanuel, Re d'Italia; S.

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Emanuele II; G. Garibaldi; G. Mazzini; G. Oberdan; and G. Delle Indie; Poincare, President Rep. Francesco Giuseppe d'Austria; and Lo.

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In the center, a group of men are up two steps, standing and looking out. These men are labeled at the bottom of the illustration and are from left to right : Alessandro Prine, Reggente di Serbia; S. Raimondo Poincare, Pres. Della Republica Francese; S. Alberto I, Re de Belgio; S.

Nicola I, Re del Montenegro. Down a step from these men with his arms crossed is Uncle Sam. Looking at these men from the floor are three labeled men from left to right : S. Maometto V, Sultano di Turchia. The top of the illustration in the white border area surrounding the illustration itself reads in English, the bottom in Italian, the right in Russian, and the left in French.

Saverio Nitti, On. Augusto Ciufelli, Marshal Joffre, Marc. Luigi Bursarelli, Enrico Arlotta, and S. Behind Wilson, in the sky that features a setting sun, a woman, in a white dress, labeled "Columbia," holding an American flag, is emerging. At the feet of the men on the right are women, labeled Belgium, Romania, and Serbia, lying dead on the ground; Montenegro is also portrayed as a woman on the ground, but she is alive and breastfeeding a small child.

The image is divided into two panels. On the left, Uncle Sam is throwing a barrel at a man in a military uniform with a pointy hat Germany? On the right, the man with the pointy hat has fallen and all of his equipment is ruined as Uncle Sam stands sternly looking at him as what appear to be the allegorical representations of other countries applaud him from beneath the Statue of Liberty. The sun is ringing and ships are in the water.

England is wearing a white dress with gold details and a blue-and-gold cape and a gold crown. The dress of the United States is an American flag and she is wearing an American flag-patterned hat. The women are on a grassy area overlooking houses and water.


In the water in front of the sunset is the Statue of Liberty and a castle. The king, Victor Emmanuel III, in his military uniform, is at the far left standing behind some of his children; two of the princesses are sitting in front of him; on the far left is a red-haired princess wearing white and holding a bouquet of red roses; next to her is a brunette princess wearing orange and holding the baby of the royal family on her lap.

█ MARINA MILITARE ITALIANA █ Italian Navy 2014 -HD █

The queen, wearing a pink gown, is next to this princess, sitting in a large red-and-gold throne; at her feet, a woman with a sash labeled "Trento," wearing a red-and-orange dress, is on her knees kissing the Queen's hand; next to this woman is another woman, wearing a blue dress, also on her knees, labeled "Trieste"; she is looking adoringly at the queen; standing next to the queen and with his hand on the Italian flag is the prince wearing a blue sailor uniform; sitting to the right of him is another red-haired princess wearing blue and holding pink roses Richard Cronin 49 X Abys Italian Book Co.

Sua maesta il re ed il generale cadorna assistono al bombardamento delle fortezze. Rossi, New York 50 x Martinati Guazzoni, Rome, Italy 98 x Aiutateci a vincere! Vostri risparmi … [Your Savings …] Hazzo [? Guazzoni, Rome, Italy Prestito della Vittoria x Borgoni x Borgoni 33 x 24 Box 8. La fine dell'imeratore degl impiccati! All united for liberty! La Commissione Italiana a Washington D. Wilson's Proclamation Image of President Woodrow Wilson giving a proclamation on an outside terrace; he is flanked by a soldier on the left and a sailor on the right; a large American flag takes up most of the sky area; in the background is the Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline inside an orange sun with visible rays; the sky also has the faces of what appears to be Garibaldi, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln with another man's face to the left of Garibaldi; in the mid-ground are personification of countries and their flags, all labeled from left to right : Portugal, Roumania, Russia, France, Belgium, Montenegro, England, Italy, Servia, Japan.

The Fearful Giants Overrun by the Messengers of Peace and Justice Image of a woman dressed in an American flag, holding an American flag in her right hand, riding in a chariot led by four white horses; the horses are trampling four men, one of whom is wearing a fez of the flag of Turkey; to the right are military men with the flags of Italy, England, and France; in the background are boats in the water and planes; in the sky are three circular portraits carried by an eagle: Woodrow Wilson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln New-Art Litho Co.

Battisti Melina 51 x Diani 48 x Image of two women, allegorical representations of England and the United States, each carrying her country's flag. Image of Asian soldiers fighting European soldiers; in the background dragon statues and Asian architecture; the scene is total, brutal chaos Fritz Neumann.

Image of Italian soldiers fighting with soldiers wearing fezes amid palm trees and sand; in the background are water and ships; one of the soldiers wearing a fez is dead on the ground; some of the Italian soldiers at the center of the image are manning a cannon together; some soldiers are on horses and there is an Italian flag Penciled note on verso: "not war poster. Ardemanni, E.

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Colonia Eritrea. Osservazioni e ricordi di Ernesto Ardemanni Torino: G. Paravia, Baldry, J. Baldrati, I. Bartolommei Gioli, G.