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It is a concept that was used a number of times in the T. Despite the Legacy, Hill is still introducing his version of Angel to the reader so this first arc is important in establishing the character of the central protagonist. The demon sits on a throne teasing the vampire, arrogance his greatest flaw. The sequences work well showing the reader who Angel was and contrasting that to what we have come to know of him in the previous three issues.

Hill brings everything together towards the end of the issue creating a satisfying end to the first arc with enough of a hook to come back for more.

He has a dark, shadowy style that suits the Vampire with a Soul. The pages are shrouded in darkness with the backgrounds barely visible unless absolutely necessary. This sometimes means that there are no establishing shots and the space the characters inhabit lacks any sense of location. This approach works occasionally but not all of the time. The colors by Roman Titov keep everything shrouded in darkness with the only burst of color illustrating shocking elements of the narrative. Ed Dukeshire has to deal with a number of disembodied voices throughout this issue.

By using a combination of tail-less speech balloons and caption boxes, he places the text in logical positions within the panels so that it is easy for the reader to follow. Just like the T. They are more adult in nature and have a sense of experience to them. The artwork in this first arc has represented that perfectly and is markedly different to the styles of Dan Mora and David Lopez over on Buffy. Angel issue four completes the first story arc in style. It has the confrontation with the Big Bad and there is some resolution to the story, however there are enough threads left dangling.

The main characters are fully realised, abound with flaws but with redemption on the cards. Both Fred and Angel have their own past and futures to face and this story is a great place for them both to start. Hill presents a horrific, modern day villain and the damaged heroes who are compelled to battle him. He draws on pop culture references and Angel Lore to help the narrative flow in an entertaining way. The artwork creates an unnerving, uncomfortable atmosphere for all of this to take place in. In essence, this is the perfect Angel story and the best way to relaunch a character.

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