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A Jetstar ground crew member acted as officiant as the plane's passengers and crew looked on.

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The couple met online in while playing the computer game "Airport City" and met in person for the first time two years later at Sydney airport. The legal wedding ceremony took place at Sydney Airport ahead of takeoff, but it was the ceremony in the sky that was truly memorable. A few years later, her soon-to-be husband had planned to propose onboard a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne but nerves got the better of him, Cathy said.

Cathy said she wanted to do "something really memorable" for their wedding and so posted on Jetstar's Facebook page about her idea to get hitched in the air. The couple are both aviation enthusiasts and first met at Sydney Airport where Cathy took a flight from New Zealand to meet her future groom. I thought: I'll be cheeky and ask Jetstar," she said. I respond. I take time to remind myself that almost nothing in life is linear.

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Not our outward portrayal of success, not our bodies and health, not love, not friendships, not the greenness of my four plants in the windowsill, not the rhythm and pace of sleep. We are who we are right now in order to become who we will be.

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My sister and I grew in a womb together, and when I spend time with her I feel in awe at how little I know about her, and how much we have both changed. She asked me to re-take the Myers Briggs test and we marveled at the disparity between us.


But we still buy the same flavor of Pop Tarts. In yoga class, J.

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One shapes the other. They then ordered a cheese board to share — which is obviously something you only do with a potential life partner right? The couple then got to the stage where they were sharing family photos with each other. As the pair got more serious, so did Rosey.

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  • So dedicated was she to keeping the growing number of people following the love story updated, she even paid for extra Wi-Fi. Then a breaking development occurred — the two left for the bathroom at the SAME TIME, leaving Rosey and everyone following the story understandably freaking out about what it could mean. They even started having a conversation about what they want out of life in regards to marriage and children.

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    The man mentioned that in the past he has been too focused on his fitness to pursue relationships. They then hit another milestone in their relationship by following each other on social media. When the plane landed, the two went to baggage claim together, with Rosey snapping a picture of them looking very cosy. After some detective work, Rosey's boyfriend found their Instagram accounts, which revealed that they were both single and both lived in Dallas.

    'Plane Bae': Mid-air love story sends Internet into a frenzy after US woman live tweets it

    It started off as a simple request to change seats on a flight and has since developed into a mid-air love story that has captivated people around the world and warmed even the coldest of hearts. Thankfully for us, Rosey Blair was there to document the budding romance as it unfolded before her eyes — and she is committed to following this story until the end. Thousands of people are invested in this couple's chance meeting and are desperate to know more. Rosey revealed she had an update from the mystery man himself, Euan Holden, previously dubbed Plane Bae. In her latest tweet it appears the couple are still in contact and we may be seeing a lot more of them.

    So here are my updates: I have spoken to planebae EuanHolden and have heard that our mystery woman is still unsure about the spotlight but feels positively about all of this. You might see some of us on your tv tomorrow morning. The story quickly gained a cult following and people are understandably freaking out at this news. I am living for this.