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Help Disaster Survivors Over 90 million Americans become victims of natural disasters every year. Help Disaster Survivors. Brighten the Holidays. Provide Shelter.

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Every day, almost 50 million Americans face food insecurity. Cure Hunger. Meet the Greatest Need. Overcome Poverty. Combat Addiction.

Share God's Love. Assist the Unemployed.

Objects and goals

Equip Families. Fight Human Trafficking. Serve Veterans. Love the Elderly. Stop Domestic Abuse. Teach Kids. How We Meet Local Needs. Darius' company builds a prototype of the electromagnetic drive, which ultimately fails.

Objects and goals

The electromagnetic drive is destroyed in its first test. Jillian Hayes, a science fiction writer and Liam's love interest, is offered a job by Darius, which she accepts and moves to D. The President gives the order to move forward with the original plan. Darius appears to hack NASA, which causes the plan not to move forward. Amanda is injured during a hit-and-run. Following the failed launch attempt to destroy the asteroid, Darius goes missing. The DoD raids his office building. He is later found at an airport and is arrested on suspicion of high treason.

Jillian is tasked with assisting a team in a search to find the "perfect people" needed in an attempt to colonize the planet Mars, which proves difficult. Malcolm attempts to rebuild the destroyed electromagnetic drive. In an interrogation room, Darius leaves Grace a clue which leads her and Liam to a compound found in the middle of the woods. In the compound they find a rocket ship named "Salvation", along with the missing uranium.

In the back of an arcade game, Liam finds a motherboard, which when turned on connects the server to NASA. However, with the probe traveling too close to Jupiter, it's lost due to gravitational pull. It is later revealed that Lazlow, Darius' Head of Security, was the one who performed the hack. Upon arriving to arrest him, he is found to have committed suicide. Meanwhile, Liam and Malcolm manage to get the electromagnetic drive prototype operational.

Jennifer Lynch. The now-functioning prototype is moved to a larger facility for testing. The government decides to pull funding given to Darius' company. Amanda awakens in the hospital to be informed that she received a minor concussion. The transport with the drive is set up and the driver killed. The shooters take the drive as well as take Liam and Malcolm hostage.

Meanwhile, Amanda is released from the hospital and her supervisor pulls her from the story she was working on prior to the accident.

Salvation Army World Service Office

After Malcolm accidentally slips, Liam finds out that Malcolm is the mole who has been inside Darius' company and was in on the set up. Darius and Grace are also informed after a facial recognition match. Malcolm later reveals he is secretly working with the Russian government.

What is Salvation?

Amanda continues to secretly work on the story and receives a major lead from an anonymous person. It is revealed that Malcolm is the one who killed Lazlow. Liam manages to break loose and acquire a gun, which he is forced to use to shoot Malcolm and his accomplice. An anti-terrorism team arrives at the airport too late to prevent the drive from being taken. The U. When the place in Siberia where the drive was stored is trapped in a storm, the DoD only has 36 hours to plan an attempt to retrieve it.

Darius and Liam travel to London in an attempt to gain material for a new drive. Jillian visits Amanda and confides her worries about Liam to her, and Amanda shares her investigation with Jillian. After she confronts him, Liam finally tells Jillian about the asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

What's New

Harris, Liam, Darius, and Grace begin planning a secret extraction in order to collect a key element needed to build a new drive. However, in the middle of extraction, they are ambushed by the Russian military. Also, Liam is forced to return to an empty home when Jillian decides to return to Boston. Robbie Duncan McNeill. Russia begins threatening the United States with nuclear war. Jillian returns home to Boston and tells her father she quit her job and is moving back, and finds out that he is engaged. Darius and Grace travel to Russia in hopes of solving the diplomatic issues.

In Russia, Grace informs her contact about the asteroid in an attempt to get a meeting with a ranking Russian official. With Grace off the grid, Harris begins searching for her. Darius finds out that the previous asteroid that hit Russia in was a weapon created using his technology under the working title "Project ATLAS". Grace gets a meeting with the Russian Minister of Defence. Harris learns from Liam that Darius and Grace are in Moscow. Darius and Grace plan to meet with the minister of defence, but the car sent for them blows up before they enter.

They return to their hotel to find Grace's informant dead, and they leave just before the police arrive. Harris is informed that Grace was the one who took the Uranium and immediately suspended her security clearance. Following the murder of Grace's informant, a manhunt is underway in Russia for Darius and Grace, who fake their identities in an attempt to escape. Darius informs Liam that if they don't make it out of Russia he will need to expedite the selection process. Grace and Darius ultimately decide to surrender themselves at the Russian airport.

Harris informs Randall Calhoun, Secretary of Defense, about Darius' and Grace's location, who later says they are on their own. Darius and Grace are taken to an unknown location in Russia, where they later find Malcolm, who survived the gunshot from Liam. Malcolm tells them that the only way he will be able to stop the asteroid is by working with Russia. Dylan begins digging into Zoe after she sends him a friend request on Facebook.

Darius and Grace finally meet with the minister of defense, who agrees to present their proposal to the Russian military. Zoe reaches out to Dylan and the two finally meet. The Russian minister of defense later tells Darius and Grace that their proposal has been accepted. After returning to the United States, Grace is arrested for violation of the Logan Act ; however, she is later released. Also, Jillian returns to D.

Pope asks Catholics, Salvation Army to spread God’s love through service

Grace is attacked and almost killed at her home; however, she is able to kill the attacker. Collaboration begins between the U. Amanda publishes the files online, causing the Russian government to pull the joint deal. The President denies all claims made by the press, forcing Amanda to go on a hunt to find a reputable source. Darius agrees to go on record for Amanda as long as she puts him in touch with an underground resistance team.

NASA launches the drive, but Russia launches missiles from international waters, destroying it before it can reach the asteroid. Darius reveals that he gave NASA a fake drive, and he gets the underground team to agree to block all of Russia's satellites. This gives Darius a chance to launch the drive on his own, which successfully reaches orbit. When trying to get a meeting with the president, Darius and Grace are informed that the president is ill.

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Darius chooses to go public and verify Amanda's story by claiming to be her source.